Torinn D

A dragonborn monk.


In Loving Memory


28th of October 2014 – 4th of December 2014

Torinn Dickfingaz (38 days old) passed away on the 4th of December, year 2014, during a night raid of an Orc campsite. Alas, despite a valiant effort to go toe to toe with Orog the Troll, the deep depression he experienced after wielding the Handaxe of Sadness proved to be his downfall as his will to live was simply no longer strong enough. He is survived by LITERALLY everyone else in the group as a Knight and his Ash Worm miraculously appeared in time to save the rest of the party. Memorial services will be performed at the crib in Phandalin upon the adventurers’ return.

Memorial donations may be made in Torrin’s name to the Dickfingaz for Depression Foundation.



Torinn D

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