Erion Elessedil

Human Ranger Beastmaster



Current Quests

  • Train Shadow to be able to attack with him.
    • Level 5
  • Find the Orc bearing the tatoo to avenge his people.
    • Recently made a deal with Sir Richard the Green to dispatch the loggers in Thundertree in exchange for information on the Orc leader.
    • Sir Richard the Green’s master “will be the ruler of the forest”, will have no effect on Neverwinter.
    • Loggers of Neverwinter are lead by a member of the Cult of the Dragon.


  • Close Combat
    • Prefers to fight in melee range.
  • Two Weapon Fighting
    • Prefers to use two weapons.
    • Up until acquiring Talon, used a ShortSword and Dagger.
  • Defensive Duelist
    • Reaction can be used to increase AC by proficiency (+2).
  • Likes throwing gnomes.
  • Doesn’t trust other races.

Animal Companion

Name: Shadow
Species: Wolf

Abilities and Notes

  • Was tamed in the High Forest near the Lost Peaks.
  • Super Sniffer
  • Loves stick monsters… doesn’t understand why they don’t love him back.
  • Has a weird attachment to the gnomes of two-arrows. Likes to walk alongside Jekt and Zook.

Early Life and Background

Erion comes from the TBD tribe of the Nether Mountains in the Silver Marches. His father taught him how to hunt and find food in the mountainous landscape along with their family hunting dog, Wrinkles. His tribe generally stayed in the mountains surviving by hunting the dangerous monsters that inhabited the area. In fact, it was frowned up to even venture to the nearby settlements, most notably, Silverymoon. In addition, there were rarely visitors to their settlement so Erion’s experience with non-humans was severely limited. Orc raiding parties were common in the mountains, but none had ever tried to siege the gate.

Silver Marches

The settlement lay on a slope surrounded by steep rock formations of various heights, except at the southern edge of town where a gate was constructed in an opening about 30 feet wide. Most of the surrounding rocks were un-climbable, unless of course you’ve been doing it all your life.

Once just after his 16th birthday, his father took Erion on a hunting trip down the mountains to the High Forest. Their camp was attacked by a small Goblin hunting party and Erion’s father Rylon was injured, taking a dagger slice to the arm. Upon their return up the mountain they could see a faint red glow in the direction of their settlement. As they came closer the smell of smoke was strengthening. As they crossed the ridge it became apparent that they were too late, the flames had engulfed the small settlement encroaching on the temple that sat at the highest point. Rylon turned to Erion and said “Orcs… I’m going for your Mother, stay here and stay out of sight.” and turned to run towards the blaze. Erion hid for the rest of the night atop a ledge to the west of the front gate where he waited for his father to return, he never did. After falling asleep from exhaustion Erion was stirred in the morning by the blast of a large warhorn, awaking to see an Orc larger than the rest barking orders. Erion crawled to the edge to get a better look and he could see what appeared to be a large tatoo on the Orc’s chest. Erion will never forget what it looks like.

Orc’s Tatoo

Still young and with Wrinkles by his side Erion left the Mountains… and began adventuring and learning what he could about Orcs and Goblins so that one day he would be able to track and kill the Orc that took everything from him.

More about the Settlement

The <tbd> were in charge of a temple that sat on top of a mountain wherein The Luminous Mote lay. For as many generations back as anyone can remember, the head priest of your tribe always became blind upon taking the mantle. Nobody other than the head priest and her acolytes go into the temple. Nobody other than the head priest claims to having seen the Mote.

It is said that the Luminous Mote can heal any physical or mental ailment but that you must give up your sight in exchange. In your lifetime you have never witnessed this, although the head priest is always hearty and lives a long life, remaining hale (although blind) until his or her final days. Erion’s grand-parents recount the tale of a King who brought his daughter to the mountain to be healed of a mental sickness. She was cured but left weeping and blind, or so they say.

The temple, now destroyed, was always warm, but not uncomfortably so. Regardless of the weather, any snow falling on the temple melted within seconds.

Disease and sickness are less common in your tribe than other tribes that live in the mountains.

As an Outlander


Past Animal Companions

  • Wrinkles: Old family hunting Mastiff. Passed away 2 years after leaving home.

Erion Elessedil

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